Portraits & other photos of Sebastian

Find below a selection of photos in various settings and styles: conferences, sports, portraits, funny or when I was a child.


Lisbon (Portugal), November 2019

Lisbon (Portugal), November 2019


Horseback riding, July 2021

Basketball, May 2020

Surfing, April 2019

Skateboarding, July 2018


Flumserberg (Switzerland), February 2021

Sagaing (Myanmar), December 2019

Banjar (Indonesia), April 2019


Feeding a reticulated giraffe in Nairobi (Kenya), September 2022

On a plane during the pandemic, October 2020

Lake Zürich (Switzerland), August 2020

Lake Zürich (Switzerland), July 2020

Yangon (Myanmar), January 2020


At eighteen years old, with my sister

At twelve years old

At six and a half years old

At 2 years and 3 months old

At 20 months old