This is a non-exhaustive list of defunct, ongoing and future projects. One (fairly obvious) thing I have come to realise over the years is that I prove much more successful when I partner up with someone else on a project – there's simply more momentum, more energy, more creative ideas. As such, feel free to contact me if you are interested about any of the following projects, or if you'd like to share any project idea of your own.

Ongoing projects

  • Obsentia – video montages created exclusively out of drone footage.
  • Writing photo stories – publishing stories of my travels (more than 200 to date).
  • 2debate – a weekly debating podcast since 2016.
  • Coaching – mentoring and coaching various people within and outside Google.
  • 10xMBA – a 1-month training program on soft skills to make you superhuman.
  • Audiobooks – reading books out loud with my "beautiful" voice.
  • Consulting – shhh, this is top secret but yes, you can contact me if you are keen on hiring me. I work for free or for a fee. Past projects include strategy consulting for an independent film theatre and supporting the creation of startup accelerators.
  • Cartoons – humble attempts at drawing.
  • Apps Script – coding with G Suite's scripting language to automate and organise my life and my projects; potentially a business in itself.

Future projects

  • 365 world events – a list of all the cool (and free) events, festivals, things to do for any city/country in the world.
  • Reminders app – an app to remind you of things you have to do, adapting to the country you live in: taxes, bills, health screenings, pet medication, house cleaning, passport renewal, etc.
  • Stand-up comedy – I'm not funny and I'm an introvert but it doesn't matter, I'm preparing my own grand entrance into the stand-up comedy space.

Old projects

  • Sports statistics – capturing audio while playing and using the speech-to-text API to transcribe the data into relevant sports statistics.
  • CoachCV – reviewing and improving CVs.
  • Ship Your Love – spreading love around the world.
  • Real estate agency website – one of my very first projects, back in 2001: a complete solution, external website and internal-facing database admin interface included... never sold a single instance!