My tagline is to be "demanding and passionate" – demanding first and foremost with myself (and a little bit with others too), and passionate about most things (hopefully everything) I do. Kindness matters to me too – but then to whom does it not matter? I'll let you judge if you can indeed perceive that my actions transpire genuine care and authentic attention to others.

Other than that, I'm a citizen of the world (technically French), a skateboarder who is unable to do any ollie but who cruises in the streets of Jakarta, a podcaster, an operator of drones (when they decide to not crash), a photographer as you can possibly tell from the photos posted in my stories. Oh and I survived multiple pneumothoraces.

I can be sarcastic (my sense of humour is doubtful but my school of thought is Camusian-Nietzschean-Cynic if that can explain something), I try to be zetetic (I just love this word and love words in general) and critical, I'm an organisational freak (siblings call me Sheldon Cooper), I read a lot and take humble stabs at writing. I travel most of the time (otherwise my social life used to be limited to playing badminton once a week when I was not undergoing surgeries). I don't drink (not even coffee), I don't smoke either – I just care about my health.

And yes, I do work for Google – since the beginning of 2007. You can read all about it in my LinkedIn profile. Coincidentally, this also means I deeply enjoy speaking in public.

Check out my other online profiles – note that you'll also find me online via my various projects but the links below pertain to my own identity, independent of any project:

  • LinkedIn – my profile tends to be up to date; feel free to connect with me for professional reasons.
  • Google+ – this is soon going away with Google+ shutting down in 2019. In the meantime, this is where you will find all my previous stories.
  • Facebook – I don't really use Facebook nor do I accept as friends people I don't know well.
  • Twitter – tweeting infrequently about work-related matters, namely developer & startup topics, mainly in emerging countries.
  • Instagram – sharing some of the photos that are included in my stories; follow if you don't care about the stories themselves but just about the photos.
  • YouTube – not actively publicly used at the moment; you will find some publicly shared videos on my channel but they're (for now) only a small selection of all the videos I have created. In the meantime, feel free to subscribe to my channel so you can be notified when I post a public video.
Links with restricted access:
  • Family website – bios, stories, videos and photos of family members.