2 March 2018

13 truths (speech) – Matthew McConaughey

1. Life isn't easy nor fair

2. Nothing is "unbelievable"

3. (En)joy (things, work, the process) instead of seeking happiness

4. Define success for yourself (and it can change over time)

5. Process of elimination is the first step to our identity. Eliminate who you are not. Just as important to not be somewhere as to be somewhere, to not be someone as to be someone – decrease your options, reduce the excess: focus on what's important for you.

6. Don't leave crumbs (will cause regret, guilt and stress tomorrow) vs. beauty of delayed gratification (outcomes that pay us back later). Customise your future, your ROI.

7. Dissect your successes (vs. obsession with what is wrong) by gratitude (saying thank you)... which reciprocates.

8. Make voluntary obligations with ourselves.

9. From "can" to "want". Choose it because you want it.

10. A roof is a man-made thing: we impose our own restrictions. We are always on the journey. Always play like the underdog.

11. Turn the page, let go of the guilt.

12. Give your obstacles credit.

13. How do we know when we cross the truth?