10xMBA.com is a training program to make its participants perform 10 times more and better. It targets managers, entrepreneurs and professionals alike.

Initially designed in 2017 with a team of talented young women (Pera from Indonesia, Vaibhavi from India, and Marina from England) and two dozen mentors with prestigious backgrounds, the program was meant to function entirely online over a period of one month. This introduction video explains it all. Despite some traction and customers like LinkedIn, it proved difficult to consistently find enough participants available at the same time. As a result, the program was put on pause at the end of 2018. In hindsight, we missed an opportunity to revive it in 2020 with the pandemic forcing numerous people to work from home... who then ended up using online training content significantly more than before.

In 2021, we relaunched the program with a revised set of training modules and new equally-excellent team members. The key differences are that:
(i) we are now mainly targeting businesses which are looking to train their workforce as opposed to also reaching out to individuals;
(ii) we are offering each of the 10 training modules independently or, like before, as a package;
(iii) we are targeting professionals everywhere, not simply India and Indonesia (where I felt the need was possibly higher).

What remains similar to the initial version of 10xMBA is that it's still exclusively focusing on the essential soft skills that any professional absolutely requires and it's still almost entirely project-based (case studies, real-life scenarios, "learning by doing") as opposed to being top-down presentations.

You'll find below a series of lectures which were recorded as part of the initial version of 10xMBA: