Apps Script

Here are some examples of tools, templates and apps I have created using Apps Script. For most of them, you will be able to re-use the code for your own projects once I take the time to create copies available for download. If you're in a hurry or simply curious, simply message me.

  • action item tracker – automatically centralising action items from various documents and sending reminders when close to deadlines; something simple that is always useful for any project involving multiple team members.
  • centralised to-do list – a personal, automated to-do list, automatically hiding finished tasks and sorting them, as well as using conditional formatting and checkboxes to display things nicely; this comes associated with a Google form to easily submit tasks and works offline. An Action on Google was also developed to also be able to add a task verbally and to potentially hear out remaining tasks for the day.
  • chapter-by-chapter distribution – sharing creative work on a piece-meal basis and depending on access rights of potential readers (in particular to check for mandatory age requirements in the case of art forms not suitable for children); also a good way to see which book chapters prove popular and where readers lose interest.
  • meeting countdown timer – a simple countdown to finish meetings on time but without being distracted by minutes trickling down (the countdown shows remaining time in increments of 5 minutes, then 1 minute once close to reaching zero).
  • summary generation – automatically generating summaries of work done from emails sent to a specific email address by team members; useful to easily share what everyone has been working on over the past day/week, and what they are planning to do.
  • teacher scoring – automatically creating access-restricted spreadsheets for students, displaying their scores, rankings, and teacher comments.
  • website creation – creating properly HTML-formatted webpages from Google documents; bonus: this script generates a Bootstrap-compliant website, with automatically-generated indexes of stories (this is what I'm using for this website, then hosting everything onto Firebase).
  • easy calendaring – scheduling everything in a spreadsheet and automatically porting it all into a calendar; very useful when planning for complex travel schedules and team offsites.
  • custom emailing – otherwise known as "mail merge", automatically sending personalised emails to various recipients; expect response rates from your recipients to go from 30% (when emailing them in a group) to 80% (when emailing them individually).
  • asset portfolio tracking – consisting of alerts automatically notifying me over email when market values and other asset classes reach specific thresholds, whether upwards or downwards; market values include currencies (USD, CHF, EUR, GBP, IDR) and stock (GOOG, CAC40), while other asset classes include loan repayment deadlines of funds I have lent and accounts which can incur fees depending on minimum/maximum values.
  • fitness competition – inciting participants to walk more by creating competitions and daily leaderboards (total number of steps, cumulative number of times ranking first, cumulative number of points, etc.); this captures Google Fit data through its API and sends an email every day/week to announce results – see the screenshot below.