5 October 2012

El Misti volcano, Arequipa, Peru

5,822 metres high and covered with snow at the top, the Misti volcano literally stands over the city of Arequipa – it can be seen from almost every street of the city. The photos may however be a bit confusing since the altitude at its base is already 3,415 metres. Its conic shape also surprisingly resembles the shape of Japan's Mount Fuji.

I took the photos just before sunset, 6 minutes separating the first two pictures, 12 minutes separating the last two. It's curious how our eyes don't perceive the gradation of light, while aligning and putting the photos next to each other makes this evolution starkly evident.

El Misti volcano, Arequipa, Peru
El Misti volcano 6 minutes later, Arequipa, Peru
El Misti volcano 12 minutes later, Arequipa, Peru