16 July 2012

Female Genital Mutilation

Unbelievable (to me) that this would stir so much outrage: just "leave them kids alone". Physical integrity of oneself is to me the most fundamental right, above any other right or freedom, in particular religious freedom. Parents are in charge of protecting the integrity of their children – let the children decide what they want to do unto themselves once they have become adults (including all forms of self mutilation).

Tears are wiped from the face of a 9-month-old following her circumcision, (c) Stephanie Sinclair

What saddens me if that the German Medical Association capitulated, condemning "the ruling for potentially putting children at risk by taking the procedure out of the hands of doctors."

Think about the following: Indonesia had finally made female genital mutilation illegal in 2006... only to make it legitimate again in 2010 because the practice was still going on underground, and under the pressure of the Indonesian Ulema Council. Is this the way things should go?

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