4 September 2012

This love and Escape

This love dates back to 1998 and is not without reminding of Buddha Bar or Massive Attack or movie soundtracks, in its "easy listening" genre. It's therefore not a big surprise that Craig Armstrong worked with Massive Attack (among others, including U2 and Madonna) before producing his first album in 1998 and also soundtracks for about twenty films so far, including Moulin Rouge and The Magdalene Sisters.

Learning more about this Scottish composer made me also discover one of his most popular tracks that some of you will undoubtedly recognise, Escape which has been used an incredible number of times: the BBC's Euro 2012 coverage, various series (Dark Angel, Top Gear), trailers for action films (Spiderman 2, Daredevil), and entrance music for multiple sports teams. Truth be told, the rising crescendo and choir really contribute to the perfect "emotional buildup".

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