12 January 2017

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Always with pen and paper

The longer version is this: my mind keeps buzzing with things I do, see, read, write, and things I plan to do. Yet I don't always take the time to structure those thoughts, let alone figure out which website, blog or social media platform to use when I do take the time to formalise, edit and proof-read them. So I wondered what medium I could use to stick to the "just ship it" mantra, sharing thoughts even if they are half-baked, sharing them even if I would still feel a little embarrassed to express them – all in the spirit of avoiding procrastination and perhaps being inspiring, maybe even starting an interesting discussion with some of you or getting feedback on my ideas.

This is where email comes in. Email is here to stay: no one has to use the same email "app" for email to work; and most people still have an email address (or it's easy to create one). Hence why I'm going the old-fashioned way and creating this mailing list called "Seb's List".

Here is what you can expect from my newsletter:

  • links to articles I found interesting or funny to read
  • links to things I have published recently (text, photos, videos, drawings)
  • the latest of what I have been up to, questions I am asking myself
  • new ideas for personal projects or updates to ongoing projects (your feedback is always welcome)
  • personal/intimate write-ups that I wouldn't necessarily want to share publicly (yet or at all)
  • not-yet-published short stories I come up with, possibly continued chapter after chapter depending on feedback
  • non-confidential things that keep me busy at Google
  • random things I have not thought of yet

Frequency of this newsletter may vary, probably averaging around one email per week. You can of course unsubscribe at any point. So simply sign up by adding your email address on this page.

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