23 March 2013

What do you see

...in this picture taken just next to the Golden Gate Bridge, overlooking the city of San Francisco?

Across the city of San Francisco, USA

The red circle almost mimicking a red Hindu dot above two identical eyes or the black-and-whiteness of the rest of the picture?

The blurred background of San Francisco's skyscrapers or the sharpness of the robust instrument in the foreground?

Do you want to touch the cold metal surface of the binoculars and feel the ruggedness of the small holes under the touch of your fingers?

Do you look forward to what's coming up or are you looking back into your past?

Do you rather focus on the details or on the big picture?

Would you like to be here, watching from a distance, or there, into urban life or into the action?

Are you ready to "turn to clear [your] vision"?

PS: photo taken on a Nikon D300 kindly lent by Sudhakar Chandra (still hoping for a hypothetical D400) using my new 70-200mm f/2.8 lens (still trying to be convinced in my ability to exploit its optical performance to its best...)