6 November 2012

Similarities & differences

“Share our similarities, celebrate our differences.” – Morgan Scott Peck

This is what this photo, took in Museo Historico Regional in Cusco (Peru), inspired me: all blue bars look alike, but if one pays enough attention, there are minute differences – the size, shape and depth of bumps and cracks, their grain – that make each of them unique. I guess that's just like us with the cracks in our lives, making us unique but also not that different, at least still part of the same family (linking back to my "citizen of the world" concept).

What makes you unique? Do people around you pay enough attention to what makes you so? If not, are you better off finding people who actually care? Or do you need to hide or, on the contrary, express more your uniqueness?

Museo Municipal de Arte Contemporaneo in Cusco, Peru