9 November 2012

Children of the Sun

In this modern painting, the centre represents the Sun, specifically the Temple of the Sun (or Qorikancha) itself in the centre of Cusco in Peru: roads radiate like sunrays connecting other towns and religious sanctuaries, secondary roads connecting all those rays. The Sun, called Inti, actually was not the most revered deity for the Incas, even though he received the greatest number of offerings for the warmth and light he provided. The most revered god was Viracocha, the god of civilisation, the creator of all things... and is Inti's father (imagine him saying "I am your father"... hmm no, that's from another empire...).

The painting, hung in the Temple of the Sun, sparked my interested with its vivid colours covering the entire spectrum of the rainbow, and its numerous white rays. Hope you enjoy it too.

Painting in the Temple of the Sun in Cusco, Peru