5 November 2012

Why are you still waiting

“Sometimes I wonder what's going through
That pretty head of yours
Your pretty eyes and charming smile
You look at me and I
I wanna make you wanna try to be
The best yet
Why are you still waiting
If a day is all it takes to turn around”
– Antoniette Costa, Void of A Legend

The singer’s voice has a special appeal to me: it’s both deep and very clear with no unnecessary drift at the end of words. Equally as impressive, and perhaps more surprising, is the performance of the beat-boxing cellist Kevin Olusola. The video clip remains simple, nicely highlighting the duet’s talents, although I’m not too convinced about some of the backlighting effects. It didn’t get widely viewed (despite two spikes) but I don’t see any reason why most people wouldn’t like the song, so here it is.

I’ve been very keen to share the art, with my own critical appreciation of it, created by people close to my heart, because I think more people could enjoy it and it’s a shame it stays mostly hidden – I haven't managed to overcome their resistance yet unfortunately. Albert Camus said: “A writer writes mostly to be read: those who say the contrary, let’s admire them but let’s not believe them” (L’Eté). I think the same goes for most, if not everything, that we create, whether it is poetry, prose, photos, paintings, applications or anything.

What do you feel is blocking you from expressing and sharing your talent today? Feel free to share your creative works privately with me if you feel unsure about them and would like to get my honest, blunt feedback.