Coaching services

I have been – and continue – coaching a number of people outside and within Google for many years. If you are interested in being coached or mentored, feel free to contact me – although do note that I'm expensive. Sessions usually last 45 minutes with unlimited email exchanges between sessions. Oh and if you are not satisfied, you get 100% of your money back. How does this work? Simply fill out the feedback form to explain why you were not satisfied; that's it, no further questions asked.

In 2021, I have also launched the Coaching Experiment. Read more about it in this story.


Some of the topics I have helped people on include the following:

  • project management – documentation, prioritisation, email and time management.
  • presentation skills – communicating and presenting to various audiences.
  • scaling operations – operating and expanding internationally, designing and deploying scalable programs, building solid multi-layered teams.
  • career management – CV writing, interview preparation, identification of career options.
  • entrepreneurship – startup launch, accelerator design.


You'll find below a playlist of video testimonials of some of the people I have coached over the years (click on the top right icon if you wish to skip to another testimonial right away):