9 June 2017

You Can Be Superhuman Too

I'll tell you a secret: I actually don't have clones. Yes, I know, some of you will be disappointed. But it's the shocking truth.

All these years, people have asked me:

'Sebastian, how do you find the time to do everything you do?'

From my work at Google to a debating podcast with Dirk to my stories to coaching others to smashing baseballs to travelling around the planet pretty much all the time to designing and launching new apps and businesses, these are just the visible tip of the iceberg – the fraction I can publicly disclose :).

More often that not, I would reply something to the tune of:

'Oh no, I don't do everything myself. I have clones. The latest one is clone-393. The previous ones have been bored out and burnt out, sent to a deserted island for some well-deserved retirement. But rest assured: all clones are in sync with The Original Sebastian, so the experience you get with my clones is pretty much the same as with The Original.'

Obviously, some get a "little" annoyed when they realise they may be talking to a clone and not to a real human being. To which I usually respond (incidentally a great way to coerce encourage women to meet me in person):

'The way to tell if you're talking to a clone? Simply look behind the neck, right below the hairline, if there's a serial number – e.g. 393 – tattooed. Simple.'

Truth be told, I did build a few secret hacks to organise and automate my life, to an extreme degree. Also, in these days of readily-available artificial intelligence and machine learning "blocks of code", I do have one more classified project that, if it works, would be quite amazing. But it's preferable that I don't disclose everything in one straight go; I wouldn't want to be sent to an asylum – or to a research lab to be dissected and analysed. Note to self: I still need to figure out a plan to ensure that if that were to happen, it's not The Original but instead one of my clones who gets caught by some mad(!) scientist or some secret agent.

Yet thanks to my boundless generosity (sarcasm alert) and with the support of an incredible team, we have put together a one-month program to help you become superhuman too. It's not a joke and it's mainly targeting talent in emerging countries – because talent is everywhere, but opportunity is not. I'm passionate about helping others become more efficient, not only at work, but also in whatever personal endeavour they wish to pursue. I want people to see that they can achieve great things, greater things they initially imagined, provided they are adopting a number of key principles, starting with being kind in all circumstances all the way to being organised, focusing on the user, using data and being curious. You think you have those skills already? Check again: how are you really standing out from the crowd? What did you truly accomplish of all those ideas sitting in your brain?

So if you think you could benefit from being not just a little more, but 10 times more efficient, or if you are simply curious, check out what we have launched at http://www.10xMBA.com – and apply, bearing in mind that spots will be limited. What are you waiting for? Becoming superhuman starts today!